The Last Time

As I arrive at Daniels Park, I realize this is likely the last time I will ever be here. It’s a great place, sure, but it’s pretty out of the way to just come for a quick trip. I’ve grown so familiar with this park; it’s not like the first time when I expected hundreds of roaming bison rather than a small herd of ~30 or expecting very interesting flora and fauna but only finding basically one type of shrub. I’ve only seen four different species of animals here: horses, bison, a gecko, and a jackrabbit. Out of those four, only two of those are technically natural inhabitants of the park.

Daniels’ Park has taught me a lot about the bison; sparking an interest in me. Back home, I spent a lot of time researching sharks, becoming extremely fascinated with the species and here in Colorado, it seems that bison are that animal for me. It’s a shame that they exist in such few numbers but I have enjoyed watching the herd here.

After a long weekend at a curling tournament, I rushed to the park to catch a short glimpse of the sunset. As the quarter comes to end and finals approach, this sunset is symbolic as it’s symbolizing the close of a beginning, a close of my favorite class. The darkness that approaches after the sun goes down resembles the darkness of finals in a way; you cannot see what is coming, how dark it will be but if you look up, it’s bright. I know that as I go home tonight, I have a lot of homework and studying to get done. It will be a continuation of my extremely long weekend as I sit in the library until 2AM likely. But, it’s nice to have a break from the stress of the weekend and to sit out and nature, just looking at the Rockies and the bison.

It was an unusual night in the sky as it differed as you crossed the horizon. To the east were massive and beautiful cumulus clouds that scattered the sky, but to the west, over the Rockies it was a clear gradient from blue to light pink with hints of orange. It soon got dark as I realized I planned terribly after Daylight Savings had occurred and I am used to going at around 6 o’clock to catch the sunset. It was rather disappointing that I did not get to explore much at my last visit to the park; I wish I could have wandered throughout the park again but it would be dangerous as there are many rocks and boulders that could be problematic.

I’ll miss this place. Yeah, it was a far drive, but it was nice to have a predetermined time to escape out into nature, where I do not have to be surrounded by unnecessary college drama, where I can breathe the fresh air and not the air filled with fumes from the neighboring highway. Maybe I will be back.


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