Colorado in fall is odd in comparison to my home state. New York is famous for the varying shades of deciduous leaves getting ready to fall; reds, oranges, greens, yellows, and more. I miss that but Colorado is still pretty beautiful. The hues of yellow and red are the most prominent here.

The transition to autumn is an interesting one; something us humans associate with beauty and aestheticism is actually the journey to the ‘death’ of leaves. As the pigment of the leaves changes to its autumnal color and the sides curl up closer to the veins, almost as if huddling for warmth, it is reminiscent of the decline of temperature as the days grow shorter and year grows older.

I went to Daniels’ Park with my mother, my sister, and my best friend this time. It was an epiphanic night as I watched the sun go down while surrounded by people I love, something I would do back in New York. But this time, I was with them in Colorado. We walked around the majority of the park so they could get good views of the sun setting over the Front Range. As I sat there and watched them and their awe of this beauty, I was reminded of how I visited this park for the first time just weeks prior. But, now, I have become familiar with it; I know where the best views and most exciting spots are in the park. We climbed down towards the bottom of the park and had a good time as I looked out and pointed towards various highlights of Denver out in the distance. It was nice to see my family and to take them to a place that is now special to me; I hope I can bring them there again sometime soon.




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