Ecofeminism: Culture versus Nature

In today’s culture, there is an emphasis placed on promoting the economy without caring about the environment. In one of the major political parties of the United States, many politicians do not believe in global warming, thinks fracking is harmless, and are okay with destroying the environment in order to advance the economic state of the nation i.e. to provide jobs and natural resources, etc.

This economic obsession is a part of western culture. Getting rich and gaining possessions is a goal that many people aspire to attain today. Materialism and capitalism have pushed this ideology upon the modern world and this has led to a mindset that prioritizes wealth over almost everything. Nature is generally pushed near the bottom in most situations. Where did this obsession with possession and wealth come from? In the 1800s, the exploitation of nature and the environment truly began intensely when people needed more homes, stores, railroads, and all the convenience that we now know of today. In this path of capitalistic convenience, Americans drove animals to extinction, damned the most beautiful sights America had to offer, and cut down the largest and oldest trees the world had ever seen. This cultural notion of our society has ruined nature and is still ruining it; it is time to realize that nature can be a part of our culture and it should be.


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