“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” – John Muir

One of the main reasons I chose Daniel’s Park for my spot in nature is because I heard it has one of the best views of the sunset in the Denver area. As I drove up to the park, I noticed it was much more crowded than the last time I had been there as it was approaching dusk. It was a rather disappointing observation, but it was also good to see so many people getting out into nature to watch the sunset.

It reminded me of what I do many days of the summer back home; I would drive to the beach with my best friend in my Jeep with the top down, and then we would sit on the roof listening to mellow music, and I realized that what I was doing here was just the Colorado version of that. Yeah, it was different without the crashing of waves and without the sailboats racing in the Tuesday night Regatta on the horizon, but I enjoyed this too.

I walked down the path to the same table I had sat at the last time, and I looked around at my beautiful surroundings. The sky was turning shades of orange and a lighter blue; the trees had gotten more yellow than the last time, and it was much, much colder as autumn is in full spring.


The spontaneity of sunrises and sunsets is an interesting topic as you never know what colors will be painted in the sky that evening or what the clouds will look like. I’ve always been enamored by these phenomena; the way that energy bursts in and out of the sky and brings such intense, beautiful colors along with it. Rayleigh scattering removes the blue and green hues [shorter wavelengths] of the sky which is why the pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples are so prominent during the rising and setting.

As a lover of sunsets, it was so nice to get out to the park and finally see a beautiful one after being surrounded by dorm buildings and academic buildings that blocked the view of the sunset. As the sun fell behind the mountains, I watched a herd of bison (more on that next week) graze the area as the sky left streaks of pink throughout it. It was the perfect end to a hectic week, and it definitely gave me some time to myself.



2 thoughts on “Sundown

  1. I really liked your photos that you posted for this journal, i personally come from a town on the water where sunsets are amazing so the second picture shows a strong visual of the sunset the night you went. In the pictures you can see the different colors of leaves, depicting the change in seasons. I liked your first post because it gives me a better understanding and description of the park and its location, scenery, etc. But I loved the pictures in your second post more because I love the sunset. You described the scenery and environment around you very well, but I would want to learn more about your feelings and perspective on how you feel when you are in your nature place. I think thats one thing to work on, and also maybe post some more photos


  2. Erika has done an excellent job of integrating visuals into her site journals. Not only do the pictures do a nice job of setting the scene of Daniel’s park, but the photos themselves are also very high quality. Erika talks about the changing of the seasons in her entries, and the photos prove what she is saying to be true. I found the second journal entry to be the most interesting, because I think that it gave me more of a sense of Erika’s voice. I loved hearing her thoughts and feelings about sunsets. As a reader, I would like to hear more about the history of the site. I have never heard of Daniels Park, so this would be helpful for me. As for what to work on as Erika continues to blog about her site, I am stumped! All I have to say is keep up the good work, Erika!


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