Daniel’s Park

The view I stumbled upon today served as a reminder to why I packed up all my belongings and moved across the country from New York to Colorado; I was looking for a different environment from Long Island and I found it here.

Daniel’s Park of Sedalia is about a 3o minute drive from Denver and has a panoramic view of the Front Range of the Rockies. After countless searches online, I finally settled on the park mainly because of its picturesque view and perfect space to watch the sunset.

As I sat at a cement picnic table, I looked at the sky and land as the clouds rolled past me and animals scurried around. I spotted a jackrabbit and some lizard that ran away before I could get a closer look. Various insects were buzzing around as I scanned the landscape.

After my first two hectic weeks of college and an acute struggle with altitude sickness the day prior, it was nice to finally be alone out in the wilderness, listening to some John Denver, reading my book, and looking for interesting things around the area.

As I looked at the Rockies, I believe I had spotted Mount Evans where I had been four hours prior doing trail restoration with my Living and Learning Community. This omnipotence and subliminal feeling that came from going from on the mountain to about 50 miles away is an incredibly heartening feeling that makes you realize just how incredible mountains are.

The world is an incredibly strange place and being in such a different environment to the oceans that I am used to makes me appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature even more.



One thought on “Daniel’s Park

  1. Two strengths that I want to point out is the image that you posted. It is so visual and clear it makes me want to visit this park. The other strength of this journal entry is your third paragraph, where you state exactly what you see and what you are doing. It makes the public (me) visualize the park more clearly. I was grabbed right when I saw the image of the park so great job on image choice. The voice in the prose was very touching and moving – you strongly emphasized how you felt at this park. In the second paragraph, the author effectively explains where the park is specifically located outside of Denver. Like I stated before, the image strongly depicts the environment and I believe it worked best by having it at the top of the journal entry. It is very easy to read the journal entry. I prefer white text on black background so I actually loved this theme. The author focused more on the wildlife she saw, maybe next time focus more on the nature life that surrounds.


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